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Managerial Economics

Lecture Dates: 25th – 28th February, 2010. Exam Date: 24th April, 2010.
Lecturer: Dr Choon Yin Sam

The objective of managerial economics is to explore how economic theory and decision science tools can assist in the formulation of optimal solutions to managerial decision problems. The course applies many familiar concepts from economics such as demand and cost, monopoly and competition, the allocation of resources and economic trade-offs, level of economic activity, macro-economic policy, and the impact of globalisation.
Students will also acquire quantitative skills in business and economic forecasting. At the end of the course, students should be able to use these analytical tools within the economic framework on real-world business applications.

International Business

Lecture Dates: 4th – 7th March, 2010. Exam Date: 1st May, 2010.
Lecturer: Dr You-il Lee

This course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to manage a business in the international arena and to familiarise them as managers and leaders with the range of strategies available to compete more effectively in today’s rapidly emerging global economy.


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Changing the Culture to Achieve a Competitive Advantage

Many companies claim they are changing their culture but few actually succeed. Altera Corporation is among the few who have implemented a strategic culture change resulting in increased business success. The process that is used to transform the culture, Collaborative Transformational Leadership® is what differentiates a company like Altera, whose employees are passionate about and committed to change, from companies where change is only given lip service. Change does not occur just because someone is sent to a course or given a new process to implement. Change occurs because the entire organization, beginning with the leaders, is guided through a process that helps people at all levels reach outside their comfort zone and become engaged in making the company better.

Altera’s Situation

Historically, Altera’s business success was built on a strategy and culture of operational excellence. When the economy, their customers and the competitive landscape changed, this strategy no longer delivered the needed business results and they fell to second place in their market. To win market share, they needed to evolve their sales organization into one that could develop a closer more intimate relationship with their customers. Managers and front line sales people needed to be empowered to make decisions that fostered solid relationships with customers.

“Customer intimacy” was Altera’s vision for success and effectively implementing the vision would be a strategic advantage. The challenge, however, was how to create the environment inside the company that would enable customer intimacy and a winning mindset.

Collaborative Transformational Leadership®

Real culture change begins with the transformation of those who are leading the change. Success at Altera was achieved through Collaborative Transformational Leadership, an iterative process whereby those who lead the change are further transformed by their followers. As one level in the organization experiences change and expands their capabilities, they challenge the next level down to do the same, which in turn, challenges the leaders once again. In this way, the bar is continuously raised for leaders and followers alike. Collaborative Transformational Leadership ensures that the company is responsive to and in front of the demands of a fast-paced, ever changing environment.

Gaining Trust

Dan Sheehy, vice president of Eastern Area Sales, reviews the history of the culture change.

“As a company that has always driven towards operational excellence, we had a command and control culture. We paid people to execute, not to think about the business or the customers. To shift to customer intimacy required a culture of empowerment. We needed to develop a sales force that actively listened to and understood their customers. This required adding business acumen and relationship based competencies to a technically based culture.

“We began by communicating a vision of where we wanted to go. We provided training in a new sales process, but nothing substantive changed and the resistance was strong. I didn’t understand why. As I saw it, we were offering employees a better climate where they would be more empowered and more successful. At this point, I felt we needed an outside perspective to help affect change, so I brought in Germane Consulting to help me understand why things weren’t working, and what I needed to do.

“With Germane Consulting’s help, I began to appreciate the magnitude of what we were asking of our employees. Anne Perschel, president of Germane Consulting, helped me see that to achieve the change, people had to try new things and stop doing business the old way. Sounds easy, but the old way is what they knew, what they were comfortable with, and what made them and the company successful in the past. We were also taking down silos between units and power was shifting. Before key leaders, managers and employees would do this, we had to gain trust on two levels. First, they had to trust our competence as leaders. They had to believe that our vision was sound and if they followed us, we could reach it. Second, they had to trust that we cared enough to help them on the journey and that the company and everyone who worked here would have an opportunity to be successful.”

Becoming Emotionally Competent Leaders

The leaders at Altera had to become emotionally competent. They had to inspire, not just command. They had to read people better and respond to what motivates them. They needed to influence, not just direct. They needed to coach, collaborate and build teams. The first step in one’s transformation as a leader is to become self-aware and be open to seeing oneself as others do.

Germane Consulting worked with the leaders to help them become more self aware and develop the attitude and skills to effect change. A model of leadership and the required competencies to achieve the vision was developed. These competencies included:

  • Being self-aware;
  • Soliciting feedback;
  • Inspiring others;
  • Conveying a vision through story telling;
  • Reading the emotional landscape;
  • Influencing others;
  • Leading through empowerment;
  • Eliciting candor to identify and resolve obstacles.

Once the model was in place, Germane Consulting identified and administered a 360 degree assessment for each leader and then provided the appropriate coaching to develop the needed competencies. A 360 degree assessment enables leaders to develop self-awareness in order to be better able to see and address obstacles to success, understanding the impact they have on those around them and why. Germane Consulting worked with key leaders and managers in individual and small group settings. John Singleton, a sales manager remarked, “This has become a tight knit organization. There is no dodging the issues. It helps to have a resource like Germane Consulting to help you get things out in the open, to stop the dodging and to demystify what it takes to work on real issues.”

Another Sales Manager was not seeing the needed performance from his sales force. Past success led him to believe that people would follow him if convinced that his ideas would yield the desired business results. His people complained that he was driving his agenda so hard that he did not attend to their issues. Through a customized 360 process Germane Consulting helped him hear in-depth feedback about his impact. His guiding beliefs about people changed as he realized that people were only doing what was needed to comply with his demands. This was having a direct negative impact on results. Consultations focused on coaching and collaboration, while listening empathically to others. He began to hear and address people’s concerns. They responded in kind. He and his direct reports formed a leadership council. They shared ideas for implementing change and achieving results.  Within six months the district began to exceed expectations and have continued to do so over several quarters.  The tempo is upbeat. They have a winning mindset and everyone contributes. At their quarterly meetings it is difficult to tell who the formal” leaders are. It is a true team.

The Collaborative Transformation

In conjunction with the coaching, leaders and employees continued to receive intensive training in a new sales process. They learned how to work in teams, to listen to each other and to the customer, and to think like business people. They became empowered. But this change was hard work and management experienced substantial resistance. Employees complained that “it was easier when you just told us what to do.” But leaders held true to the vision and people began to achieve small successes.

With guidance from Germane Consulting, they implemented plans to support the change. They held celebrations to mark the victories of change from the old culture to the new and learning conferences where employee teams told successes stories and how they achieved them. People began to inspire and learn from each other.

Sales people and managers were also trained in the use of tools such as the Myers Briggs Type Inventory to help them understand their own and others’ personality types. Tools such as these, in conjunction with the coaching, help people increase their abilities to work with peers, direct reports, managers, and customers.

According to Dan, the tools and sales processes were necessary but not sufficient to change the culture. “Any company can bring in a sales process or train people to use tools like Myers Briggs to understand more about people. The key to making these changes work and have a lasting and substantive impact lies with the leadership, and that started with me. We had to show that we could be trusted, that we were vulnerable to the changes as well. We had to listen to what employees were saying. Germane Consulting was critical to helping us see the need to do this and to do it well. Without this, we would have ‘trained people’ but we would not have changed the culture.”

Altera’s empowered culture was now demanding more from their leaders: more collaboration, more teamwork, more room to make strategic decisions for their markets and territories. Leaders responded by listening to the demands. They also engaged Germane Consulting to help design a newly customized leadership assessment. Anne went to our constituents. Employees and peers helped identify the issues the leaders needed to understand in greater depth. They recommended people to be interviewed. They reviewed the feedback with their leaders and provided detailed stories to help managers and leaders learn. The transformation process was now mutual, internal and institutionalized.


One success story is illustrated by a manager who prior to coaching, micro managed and stood in people’s way. He never heard the real truth about what was going on because people knew they would be micromanaged on the solutions. Now he is seen as one of the highest potential managers in the company. His people are empowered and creative. They are identifying opportunities and responding to them without being asked. He is engaged in very strategic thinking, predicting market trends and aligning sales strategies and organizations to take advantage of emerging factors. When asked how he developed his strategic thinking capabilities, he stated that prior to coaching, obstacles prevented him from knowing he had the capability to think about the big picture and see emerging patterns. Coaching helped him remove barriers from his own thought process and learn how to see emerging patterns of the future. His thinking is much clearer and more strategic. He has found new markets for Altera products and has redesigned his sales organization to align better with these emerging markets.

“Collaborative transformational leadership is now underway and continues to strengthen our organization,” says Dan. “We asked for change and we changed ourselves first. The employees then changed and demanded even more sophisticated and enlightened leadership. Best of all, our business results prove this is the way to win. We have gained significant market share and our pipeline of new business is strong; the industry’s most talented people are knocking on our doors looking for opportunities to work at Altera. Our employees are excited and they care about what they have created here. The ideas and the energy keep flowing.”

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We’ve just been given direction to interview a business leader. Hence, starts our Leadership Dynamics coursework by Dr Leo Ann-Mean. Business leaders: these are truly groups of people who are extremely busy and have their schedules pretty tight, especially under short notice. I have 3 choices.

kellyThe 1st is Kelly Perdew, who is himself a CEO, a speaker and author on Leadership, amongst many more roles. One particular role he is famous for was as the Season 2 winner of Donald Trump’s Apprentice. I met him online at LinkedIn where we share a common group in “Global Entrepreneurship Institute”. A request has been sent out, and he said “Yes”. Not only is he a leader, but he is also an authority on Leadership. His book title says it all, “Take Command: 10 Leadership Principles I Learned in the Military and Put to Work for Donald Trump”.

rajaThe 2nd is Raja Manickam, who is himself the Founder and CEO of Tessolve that he started in 2003 with a dream of creating a productization company from physical silicon to high volume manufacturing; his work experience in product companies, fabless companies in Silicon Valley and high volume factories in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan is a unique combination to succeed in New Product Introduction cycle. I’m truly honored to have worked within his organization both in Penang and USA when he was still working of National Semiconductor in the early nineties. He is indeed a leader you would easily pledge your loyalties to. Even after all these year, I would do so still without any hesitation. I’m glad he has said “Yes” as I’m looking forward to interviewing him.

julianThe 3rd is an extremely busy man; none other than Malaysia’s own – Julian Candiah, Deputy General Manager I at Penang Development Corporation (PDC). Between 2000 and 2006, Julian was managing director at BNP Paribas. Prior to that he worked in London, Hong Kong and Singapore at various international investment banks such as Credit Suisse Financial Products, Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch. I’ve not decided whether to send him a personal note for requesting for interview since the dateline our lecturer had given us is quite a rush under short notice. Instead, I might consult on him when I start doing the International Business course during the coming terms. There might be a requirement again for a “case study” interview.

Indeed, the above 3 people are exceptional leaders I’ve seen thus far in my lifetime. My dream is that I’ll be able to attain the same leadership qualities as they have, and encourage someone else as they have for me.

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Glory be to God for He has answered my prayers. Not only has He answered them, He has given me results beyond my expectations.

Accounting for Decision Making: The Group Assignment and 3 Individual Assignments was indeed done excellently and I was extremely happy with the results. A great teaming effort for the former. When it came to the exam, I felt that I had done excellently in the Cost Accounting questions, but it took me 2 hours of 3 leaving only 1 hour for Financial Analysis of an Australian Public Listed company from the viewpoint of a newly appointed Director. I was practically clamoring to complete the Financial Analysis. I directly went into Dupont Analysis method for results posted 2008 and the previous year, 2007. However, the last 15 minutes of the exam, I felt like I was trying to write the remaining closing paragraph showing what Sales Growth Rate would sustain the business from going under. This rush made me 2nd guess myself on whether I did badly here since we were never taught Sales Growth Rate. I had learnt it from my extra-curricular readings that was encouraged upon us. I was indeed surprised that I received a Excellent Grade (DISTINCTION) which was well beyond my expectations.

Creative and Accountable Marketing: From the onset, the lecturer was highly unpredictable. We were told that our Group Assignment and 4 Individual Assignments were done well only. In the exam, the case study on Godiva Chocolatier was tough and the remaining questions were also equally confusing. I was taken aback, I answered short of 1 Question which automatically costs me 10 marks. This indeed got me worried that I was possibly at the verge of failure, since the criteria for a passing grade is no failures in Individual Assignments and Exam. However, I was surprised beyond belief when the results came out that I had received a Good Grade (CREDIT) which was at least 3 levels beyond my expectations. Now to think of it, if I had answered the question on luxury liners in the exam, where I could have quoted the marketing concepts of the Cunard Luxury Liners (my brother-in-law used to work on board as a Sous Chef), I might have gotten an Excellent Grade (DISTINCTION) instead. No matter, I’m truly happy with the results given; I had expected much much less. I had done some extra-curricular readings of Harvard Business School articles and maybe this had helped me quote more unique ideas for the examiners’ palate.

All in all, I give the full Glory to God. Amen.

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MBA – Onwards

MBA – onwards. The 2nd 2 courses that I need to complete successfully are Leadership Dynamics and Contemporary Management Skills.

Leadership Dynamics

Lecture Dates: 20th – 23rd August, 2009. Exam Date: 24th October, 2009.
Lecturer: Dr Ann-Mean Leo

To provide students with a framework for exploring the complexity of the leadership and management challenges within contemporary organisations. This course is designed to draw attention to the critical factors of personal and team functioning and their relationship to successful business enterprises.

Contemporary Management Skills

Lecture Dates: 17th – 20th September, 2009. Exam Date: 31st October, 2009.
Lecturer: Dr Ann Darwin

This course is designed to lay the foundation for the development of knowledge and skills to pursue a managerial career. This knowledge and these skills are expected to be fostered and upgraded through teaching and learning as well as assessment in subsequent MBA courses.

The course begins by exposing students to the transition that they go through to take up a management role in their chosen career. The skills and resources needed to make the transition successfully are explored in terms of Katz’s classic typologies of technical, human and conceptual skills.

The course serves as a formal introduction for new students commencing post graduate tertiary education and provides context for the aims, objectives, common themes and methodologies which are applied throughout the MBA program.

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1st Term in MBA is over. Results haven’t been out yet and the 2nd Term is about to start in less than a forthnight. It was definitely tough managing my time with a lot of sleepless nights.

Imagine, lots of days having to study beyond 2am and then waking up for work at 5:30am again. However, it was fun. Meeting new people, creating new friends and making new relationships was the plus.

So, what did I learn from my 1st Term?

Accounting for Decision Making really gave me a better insight of the need to quantify work, especially the activities that goes into creating product or services. However, upon my reading of Harvard Business School materials encouraged by the academia, I found that the current latest trend to this is to make it time driven. Hence, having a Time Driven Activity Based Costing approach is important as activities become more fluid and more time sensitive. And another plus skill that I came away with in this course is the ability to analyze a financial and operational standing of any listed company with the necessary financial analytical tools such as Dupont Analysis and Sustainable Growth Rate amongst others. The instructor for this course was Mr. Bob Gilliver, who incidentally is also the Program Manager for the MBA Program at the University of South Australia, Adelaide.

Creative and Accountable Marketing (what a mouthful) gave me a broader scope on how I can implement my marketing mix for the target markets I plan to expand my business or future endeavours into. To be creative and yet accountable in getting results from the marketing plans that I will chart out. The instructor for this course is Dr Eddie Phun, a Professor with UniTAR, Kuala Lumpur and also a Director of Maxbrand Consulting, a foremost expert in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and B2B (Business to Business) Brand Management in Malaysia.

On top of this, I’ve also been appointed as one of the Global Executive Press Officer for M2E (me2everyone plc, UK). After a lag of 21 years, I finally started to write again as a journalist. My 1st article has been submitted and have gone for editorial review. It has been routed for publication and should be out on the latest news (if you’re one of the over 500,000 members) at M2E.

If you haven’t joined and would like to join this cool new social portal that is amassing the collective creativity genius of its members, then click me to check it out. You too can become a shareholder of M2E for free; I have.

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UNISA MBA Testimonials

Joe Amon With Uni SA offering MBA studies online, I was able to conveniently continue and complete my MBA after I had moved interstate (and even when I was overseas briefly). Offering the MBA online gives great flexibility to continue study no matter where a person’s career takes them around the world.

With so many organisations now going global, and so many collaborations performed internationally, teamwork and communications are increasingly being done remotely and electronically. Communicating online for group work projects and assignments is increasingly becoming typical of how many people conduct their professional business, and helps to develop the skills that will become increasingly important in future.

Joe Amon
Senior Projects Manager
CSL Limited

Jathin BalanMy MBA experience at UniSA changed my business outlook and structured my thinking process. The campus facilities, staff/faculty contributions and participative class discussions, all made the experience an invaluable learning process.

The IGSB’s MBA provides the right managerial tools to identify the problems, analyze the situation and formulate the appropriate strategies to deliver the best customer value, yield higher than average stakeholder returns, and ensure employee satisfaction.

Jathin Balan B.Arch, MBA
Architect and Project Manager
The Mossop Group

The practical application of theory that the IGSB advocates coupled with working in partnership with industry peers was invaluable, not only did it enhance the learning experience but it provided insight to the broader industry environment, locally and internationally. It also facilitated the establishment of strong networks within the business community.

The hard work was worth it and I would recommend the IGSM MBA to all of those seeking flexibility, practical learning, support and exposure to the broader business environment.

Sardi Calver
Team Leader – HR Assist
Shared Services Telstra, Adelaide

Peter CoryThrough membership of the Institute of Management Consultants and based on having over 35 years of practical industry experience, I was accepted into the IMC/UNISA’s on line MBA studies completing the Graduate Certificate in Management (2002), the Graduate Diploma in Management (2003) and the MBA (2004), despite having no previous tertiary education.

While finding the initial semester a bit daunting, I found the online interactive feedback with other students and lecturers preferable to classroom discussion, as it provided more time to research and formulate responses, rather than shooting from the hip. Overall I found that the online structure for receiving course notes, posting assignments and responses and comments to other students and lecturers easy to negotiate and use.

During the course I had contact with about 95 other students from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries, both within Australia and Internationally. Class numbers ranged from 6 to 22 students, with the larger classes increasing the work load required in reading and commenting on other students’ assignments throughout the semester.

As an Agricultural & Livestock Consultant, I spend a significant amount of the year travelling through Asia and Australia, however the fact that we were not required to sit examinations, with grades being based on assignments and response to other students’ answers, gave me the flexibility to combine work and study from wherever I was.

Peter Cory

Zhu DeshengThe most attractive part of this MBA is that it maintains a very high level of standard while keeping its flexibility.

The 12 MBA modules are very well designed and catered for professionals like me. They helped me greatly in my daily management activities. Finance, Corporate Strategy, Leadership and People Management modules are among the best. I am extremely pleased with this MBA experience.

Dr Zhu Desheng
Senior R&D Manager
Hewlett Pakard IPG Asia Research and Development Hub

I highly recommend the MBA program offered by the University of South Australia. This program has been a key contributor to my career successes. It supported me with successfully developing my previous organization which was recently sold to an international buyer. The MBA program has also developed my understanding of key business principles and given me the confidence and knowledge to tackle the tough issues. Anyone considering this program should go for it, you never know where it could take you!

Kea Dent
Managing Director
Kea Dent & Associates

Nick EdenI find the MBA experience adds value to me as a person, as a manager of Information Technology and gives me an array of tools to improve strategic business communications and operations.

The online method of learning means I can schedule my own class time, do the required exercises and access all the academic resources I need from almost anywhere at any time, something not otherwise possible for me. I can also stay in touch with fellow students and tutors via online classes and email.

The MBA course certainly meets my requirements for relevance to the business community and every unit completed provides a stronger base for my future and one step closer to completion of the qualification itself.

Nick Eden
Manager: Technical Support
Monash University

Choosing an MBA program is a complex process. I found all I was looking for at the IGSB. My career progression has seen me move overseas and I needed a program that was flexible to match my evolving career. The online program allowed me to continue my studies without interruption. The program is dynamic, with course curricula constantly evaluated to meet the changing business environment, and visionary in critical thinking and analysis of future patterns.

Stacey Ellul
Staff Nurse
Stanford Hospital and Clinics

Sally ElsonThe best thing about doing my MBA at the University of South Australia was the interaction with people from diverse backgrounds. The learnings that I achieved from the program were heightened by the communication that was encouraged with the other students.

Sally Elson
Human Resources Manager
AusBulk Ltd

Rosa HoI had the opportunity to study with high achievers from all kinds of professions and trades, make friends and make use of small group discussion, analyse and experience shared interaction. 18 months of complete and solid course content really reinforced the strengths at work I was lacking in, and helped me to open up a greater macro field of vision to bring about a new career.

Rosa Ho
2005 Chinese MBA Top Student “Sustainable Corporate Strategy”

Fen-Lan, HsuWhat benefits me most in studying the Chinese MBA is group work . Through classroom discussion , case studies and the constructive participation from the top professors and lecturers, we share our expertise in order to further develop our abilities. The program has been a key contributor to my career successes.

Fen-Lan, Hsu
Micro-Star Int’c Co., Ltd

Leigh GarrettI studied my MBA part-time over a number of years with IGSB. My goals in doing so were primarily to expand my learning on leadership and management, and find that crucial edge in gaining employment as a CEO. Both of these goals were achieved and much, much more. I recognised my leadership potential when I was about 35 years of age, and I believe that the IGSB MBA was a major influence in gaining my first CEO role in 1994. I really thought that it might not be possible at my age to win such a position. The learning environment at IGSB was very positive and the curriculum design and content changed to keep up with international best practice. Teaching staff were excellent, with a good combination of regular academics and leading external specialists brought in to cover specific areas. High standards of achievement were expected, and good support was provided. The learning environment recognised the pressures of work and family commitments and the camaraderie and support from fellow participants was vital. The networks and contacts made have contributed to sustaining me as a leader. IGSB graduates in leadership positions have been a vital resource for me over the last ten years.

Leigh Garrett
Chief Executive Officer, Offenders Aid and Rehabilitation Services, (OARS) SA
and The Centre for Restorative Justice
CEO of the Year 2002, Equity Trustees

Bev GaughwinAs a health professional with 20 years of management experience, I feel the MBA confirmed the best of what I have learned from experience, expanded my thinking, knowledge and business skills, and provided opportunities to explore and develop my full potential. The program developed strong strategic thinking abilities, analytical skills and systems perspectives and provided new frameworks for building the success and sustainability of a business. The MBA expanded my horizons and career opportunities and offered flexibility to specialize in several fields.

Bev Gaughwin
Director of Physiotherapy
Flinders Medical Centre

Megan GreyThe University of South Australia’s MBA was a natural choice for me as a busy working professional. The flexibility enabled me to structure the program to suit my work and life styles, while the practical ‘real life’ nature of the material was easy to apply and of benefit almost immediately.

Megan Grey
Manager, Office of the Lord Mayor & CEO
Adelaide City Council

Rod IrvineThe online MBA program provided me with the ideal way of advancing my education and skills. During the program, I had a heavy requirement to travel for my employer. This made it difficult to attend regular lectures or tutorials using a traditional learning approach. The online MBA allowed me to choose the time and place to study and interact with other students, making it easy to fit around family and work commitments.

Rod Irvine
Services Specialist
Hewlett-Packard Australia

Elly KwongThe MBA program with the University of South Australia has not only provided me with the advanced academic training but also has given me an all rounded management perspective for my own personal development. The program was designed with 12 different modules to cater for the need of professionals like me to meet the ever-changing demands of the business world.

Elly Kwong
Vice President & Head of Information Technology
AIG Credit Card Company

I found the IGSB on-line experience to be essentially flexible and convenient to my demanding professional lifestyle, while at the same time rewarding and stimulating. Despite being an online student, the open, personal and encouraging communication from all, including the administration department, lecturers and fellow students ensured that I felt very much a part of the University.

Ann MacLean
Stonecross Manor Hotel

Mahin MahjabeenMy interest in the financial market and business operations inspired me to take up business administration as my study field. The craving for learning new business tactics and the desire to get an overseas qualification like my brothers are some reasons that instigated me to pursue my MBA at UniSA.

Not only has my MBA Finance well equipped me to build up my career aspiration in the banking and finance industry, further it has given me the opportunity to think and act strategically in my personal life. My IGSB MBA has provided me with new concepts, theories, framework and most importantly ‘case study’ analysis approach upon which I can practice my business skills.

Mahin Mahjabeen
Executive Director, stockbroking firm
Dhaka Bangladesh

Devan NambiarThe MBA at UniSA has been a very rewarding experience for me. Benefits from the course to both the business and me have been great. I have applied many of the theories to practice and the returns have been: paradigm shifts, higher motivation of staff and a more productive environment. I had attended classes and participated in the online delivery and in both cases found the courses to be challenging and rewarding. Contact with both administration and teaching staff was always a positive experience.

Devan Nambiar
Information Technology Services Manager
Boeing Constructors Inc.

Julie PattersonI moved from ‘on campus’ to ‘on-line’ delivery in the second year of my MBA, and there was ‘no going back’. I loved the flexibility to be able to ‘log on’ for 15 + minutes from any computer and contribute to the on-line discussion/work on the group assignment/raise a question with the Lecturer. I found the communication lines were stronger using this medium of learning; there was ‘zero’ wasted time (no travelling, finding a car park etc) and I could much more easily coordinate work commitments and family responsibilities with my study. Most of all I gained more from the learning experience. As individual contributions and discussions are “in print” everyone seems to go to greater lengths to explain the points they are trying to make which resulted in a higher level of understanding of the subject matter and its application across a range of work settings and countries.

Julie Patterson
Project Director
Common Ground

Completing an MBA broadened my managerial skill set and provided me with specialised skills in the area of strategic problem solving; I also developed strong critical thinking and complex problem solving skills. The MBA program not only gave me knowledge from the latest management thinkers it also encouraged me to learn how this knowledge could be applied on the job. The professional and personal development that I gained from the MBA program has made me more transportable between industries and provided improved employment prospects.

Ian Pratt
Production Manager

Muralidharan RamakrishnanI found that not only could I learn in an online environment, but that I could apply this knowledge I was gaining in my particular workplace on almost a daily basis.

There are several kinds of diversity in this program. There is diversity in location and in types of people. You get a broader perspective on a lot of issues.

Folks that travel a lot would find the structured programme to work very well for them, just like it has for me.

PK Ramakrishnan
European Brand Manager – Onmipaque
Amersham Health PLC

Ken RichI have recently completed my Master of Business Administration Degree, having originally enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Business-Automotive Dealership Management course.

As an enthusiastic advocate for your post graduate courses I highly recommend them to anyone contemplating tertiary business study. The key aspects which appealed to me were the articulation from each successive course, and most importantly the efficiency of the online study.

As a busy professional with substantial work and travel demands I found the online delivery efficient, effective and relevant. I am delighted with the outcome.

Ken Rich
BDO Dealer Services

John Rohrsheim

I have found the IGSB MBA to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The course content was relevant and the structure flexible. The MBA has delivered newfound confidence; friends from other industries and cultures; and a variety of knowledge, tools and experiences I can draw upon throughout my career.

John Rohrsheim
Worley Projects – Chemicals and Minerals

Walter SchwalbeIn the current business environment we need to constantly look for ways to expand and develop our skills to maintain a competitive advantage. The unique learning process offered through the UNISA has enabled me to participate in a personal development program that would have otherwise been unavailable to me.

Walter Schwalbe
Business Development
Alcatel Australia Ltd

Darren SeahI have benefited both professionally and personally. I particularly like the UniSA MBA because of its flexibility and practical nature. The program at UniSA provided many opportunities for me to apply at my workplace. This practical component and the interactive nature of the program allows me to fully understand the theories and concepts presented.

Darren Seah
Teaching Strategies Inc

Peter StevensThe University of South Australia MBA programme provides a great combination of academic and practical experiences that have changed the way I think about not only my career, but also the broader context of industry, national and global issues. It has provided me the tools and frameworks to truly make an impact.

Peter Stevens
Human Resources Manager – South Australia
Organisational Change Management Lead

Nathan SuttonThe IGSB MBA online program has resulted in both my personnel and professional development being taken to a new level. Exposure to such wide reaching business environments and experiences both locally and internationally has been pivotal in my learning and growth as a business professional.

While the online delivery demands a high level of achievement, strong lecturer support and course flexibility greatly assisted in balancing my demanding professional and family requirements.

For those individuals striving for excellence in their professional careers I highly recommend the undertaking of the IGSB MBA Program.

Nathan Sutton MBA
Global Lead Organisation Development
BHP Billiton

2005 IGSB Online Top Student “Management Research & Consulting”

Since commencing my studies with UniSA in 2003, I have nothing but praise for the Graduate Certificate in Management program that they offer. I am impressed by the caliber of academic staff, who come from established positions within industry, providing a balance between theory and work life. The subjects that I took last year have really broadened my horizons, far more than I’d ever imagined. The learning experience is well worth it!

Patricia Thaggard
Human Resources Officer
Dana Australia – Salisbury

Leigh ThompsonI found the MBA and enlightening experience, it not only opens your mind to learning but also to share and consider a wide range of perceptions. The MBA encourages strategic thinking and most importantly the systematic influences of decision making, which in an ever evolving environment is fundamental to any organisations growth.

Leigh Thomspon
Operations Manager SA & NT
Parker Hannifin

Marco Totaro I was sure that the dynamic faculty at UniSA and the up-to-date courses would not only increase my knowledge, but also teach me to approach, analyze, and evaluate business situations from different viewpoints. I was convinced that the experience of working with diverse people and the mix of western with eastern management science would add great value to the program.

In the MBA program I improved my ability to focus which is very important in today’s dynamic business environment.

Marco Totaro
Business Planning & Systems Manager
Microsoft Switzerland

Sarah WhitelyStudying online was the perfect way for me to complete my post graduate studies while I pursued my career in various parts of rural Australia. Online study does not feel as “isolated” as traditional distance learning because of the regular interaction and online discussion with both classmates and the class facilitator which is an integral part of the course. Online study opened my eyes to new ideas, people and cultures I would not have otherwise experienced in my chosen field.

Sarah Whitely
Corporate Responsibility Coordinator
Whirlwind Print

Elena YeowOn the whole, the MBA experience has been an exciting journey of self-discovery. Apart from gaining new knowledge, it has also enhanced my critical thinking, analytical, people and presentation skills via the case studies, individual and group project papers, class discussions and presentations.

Studying and living in Adelaide has allowed me to build life-long friendships and networks with students from around the world.

I would also like to thank the lecturers for their guidance, advice and support during the MBA program as I could not achieve these results without them. Overall, this has been a wonderful experience.

Elena Yeow

Melanie YeoThe IGSB MBA program has contributed both to my personal growth and professional development by broadening and deepening my core managerial skill set. Applying the principles and practices taught in MBA courses to the managerial problems I was facing, my business showed improvement right from the start. Interaction with other managers from a variety of industrial, professional and administrative backgrounds helped me to see a wide range of perspectives and new ways of thinking about problems and issues confronting my business. Enrolling in the IGSB MBA program was the best professional development decision I ever made.

Melanie Yeo
Director, Donald Cant Pty Ltd
Winner of the Alex Ramsay Prize for “Most Outstanding Student in the
IGSM MBA Program 2002”

Irene YuI have reached a career and personal milestone with the completion of an IGSB MBA. I have developed the core skills required for managing a business, which will truly enhance my future career prospects. The range of courses undertaken have honed my business writing and communication skills and highlighted the importance of team dynamics in the workplace. When I applied the principles and concepts to my own business problems I discovered my ability to think strategically had expanded and was truly stimulated. An IGSB MBA has certainly added value to my marketability.

Irene Yu
Priorities Business Banking Manager, Westpac

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