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So what has a meal got to do with venture management. Philosophically nothing and everything depending how you look at it. Twisted talk. No way.

Had a lunch meet yesterday with Julian Candiah, who was recently appointed as the Deputy General Manager I at Penang Development Corporation (PDC) by none other than Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng.

img_2140Julian Candiah has had 14 years’ experience as a banker with various international banks. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng hoped that with Julian Candiah’s expertise, the state government will be able to restructure its economy to benefit from globalisation trend when the world economy rebounds.

In the photo, Special advisor to the Chief Minister Julian Candiah (right) with Deputy Chief Minister (II) Prof Dr P Ramasamy (left) and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Julian graduated with a First Class honours Degree in Engineering and a Masters in Manufacturing Management from Cambridge University as a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust scholar.

Between 2000 and 2006, Julian was managing director at BNP Paribas. Prior to that he worked in London, Hong Kong and Singapore at various international investment banks such as Credit Suisse Financial Products, Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch.

His views on venture management was truly insightful. Julian noted that the success on an endeavor may be limited by the risk involvement that we take. To be successful here, one need to be able to commit to completion one’s business plans with the equatable stakes that one may lose if a failure happens.

But most of all, the art of negotiating and convincing investors to part with their wealth and ability to scrutinize the success levels of entrepreneurs and their project is the key to success. His advise was that if one does not have all the skill sets needed in this industry, it is crucial that one partners with another who has the needed skill set to make venture management a success.

This is not an easy industry to be in, but it is where all the money is.

We ended our conversation of old times and friends, our present career and venture management ideas over a final cup of coffee at Starbucks, compliments from him.

It was a memorable meal for me, as I found that I was in the presence of greatness. He had better composure than some of the C-Level managers that I’ve dealt with in local firms (business dealings) and those I’ve noticed ever so often in MNCs (in my career – day job).


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The primary source of government support comes from the Singapore Economic Development Board.

As for private financing, private Venture Capital Firms are the alternative solution.

Following is the list of reliable venture capitalists with strong
presence in Singapore and Asia:

Company name: Venture TDF Pte Ltd
Company reg. no: 199508508M (ACRA database)

1, Scotts Road #18-06 Shaw Centre Singapore 228208
Tel. : 65-6735 9339
Fax : 65-6887 0535

About the company:
Founded in October 1995, Venture TDF is a venture capital fund
management company with its headquarters in Singapore and offices in
Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Geographical Location of Company/Project:
Singapore, North Asia, China, North America, Europe.

Industry Classification:
Electronics, Information Technology, Media & Communications,
Medical/Healthcare Related, M-Commerce/E-Commerce.

Stage of Development:
– Developing prototype of product/service
– Commercialising product/service
– Generating revenue

Information Technology portfolio:

Well known portfolio in Singapore and China are Alibaba.com,
800buy.com, MediaRing, JobsDB.com

Range of Investment
USD500,001 to USD3,000,000

Company Contact Person:

Company name: 3i Asia Pacific plc
Company reg. no: F 05891D (ACRA database)

Company address:
80 Raffles Place #33-20 UOB PLaza 2

About the company:
3i’s international relationship network is unique. Our team of over
300 investment professionals spans three continents, linking us to a
wealth of corporate contacts and industry experts.

Geographical Location of Company/Project:
Singapore, South East Asia

Information Technology portfolio:

Range of Investment:
USD3,000,001 to USD10,000,000
USD10,000,000 and above

Company Contact Person:
Mark Thornton (MARK_THORNTON@3I.COM)
Clarissa Lim (CLARISSA_LIM@3I.COM)

Company name: Aventures Capital Management Pte Ltd
Company reg. no: 200102369M (ACRA database)

Company adress:
180 Cecil Street #17-00 Bangkok Bank Building

About the company:

Aventures Capital Management Pte Ltd was established in April 2001 as a venture capital and private equity fund management company. Aventures is the fund manager for Aventures 1 Pte Ltd and other proprietary funds.
Aventures 1 Pte Ltd is the S$30m (US$16m) flagship venture capital
fund of AFC Merchant Bank. Its investors include financial
institutions, corporates, and successful entrepreneurs.

Geographical Location of Company/Project
South East Asia

Industry Classification
– Electronics
– Information Technology
– Media & Communications
– Education Products & Services
– Environmental

Stage of Development
Generating revenue
Generating profit

Range of Investment
USD500,000 and below

Company Contact Person:

Company name: UOB Venture Management Private Limited
Company reg. no: 199100969M (ACRA database)

Company address:
80, Raffles Place 30th Storey UOB Plaza 2

About the company:
UOB Venture Management Private Limited (UOBVM) is the venture capital subsidiary of United Overseas Bank (UOB) Limited, one of Singapore’s leading international bank groups. Established in 1992, we provide financing to unlisted companies through direct equity investments.

Information Technology portfolio:
Authenex Inc., Ninetowns Digital World Trade Holdings Ltd

Company Contact Person:
Mr Seah Kian Wee, Managing Director (info@uobvm.com.sg)
Dr Aw Chye Huat, Executive Director (aw.chyehuat@uobgroup.com)

Company reg. no: 199902157D (ACRA Database)

Company address: 50 Raffles Place #16-03 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623

About the company:
Established in Singapore in April 1999 to engage in the exciting
growth of technorpreneur development in Singapore. This also enlarged FVIG’s scope of networking and business partners in Asia by including countries in the ASEAN region. It focuses in high-tech investments, specifically in software, information technology, and the Internet, areas which Singapore companies have strong domain knowledge and core competency. Fortune Singapore provides a valuable platform for investment companies to enter new markets in Greater China, USA, and ASEAN.

Geographical Location of Company/Project:
Singapore, South East Asia, North Asia, China, India, Oceania, North
America, Europe

Stage of Development:
– Developing prototype of product/service
– Commercialising product/service
– Generating revenue
– Generating profit

Range of Investment:
USD500,000 and below
USD500,001 to USD3,000,000
USD3,000,001 to USD10,000,000

Company Contact Person:

Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore
A government statutory board.

Directory of Business, Company and Limited Liability Partnership Names.

Economic Development Board of Singapore
A government statutory board.

Other related resource:
Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (SVCA)
Established in 1992, SVCA organises seminars, talks, education and
training programmes. The association also publishes a directory of
venture capital firms and their areas of investment.

Deal Flow Connection
An initiative of Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and
supported by SPRING Singapore, the Deal Flow Connection matches
businesses with potential sources of funds through intermediaries

Business Angels Network South East Asia (BANSEA)

BANSEA aims to promote development of the angel investment community in Asia through educational conferences/workshops, research, networking with angel groups worldwide, contributing to improving the regulatory environment and corporate governance system for angel investing, and facilitating the matching of start-ups with angel investors.

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Internet startups in the Silicon Valley are used to getting funded by the many Venture Capitals and Angel Investors they have over there. That’s why Internet Startup companies in Silicon Valley blooms up like mushrooms after a rain.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the same luxury here in Malaysia. Nevertheless, the Malaysian government does have allocation for the Malaysian Internet startups to get initial capital and start their businesses to boost the ICT industry in Malaysia.

However, Malaysia is still far from a meritocratic based society and due to that, a lot of ideas is never presented to these government bodies for needed funding due to fear that business plans and strategies are stolen by the select few in the administration and their cronies who are in the know. Instead, their financing are sourced privately.

The 2 official sources of funding are from:

1. Technopreneur Pre-Seed Fund Programme

This fund is introduced by MDEC (Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia). In this programme, your startup business can get a conditional fund of up to MYR$150,000 that you can use to develop your IT business plan into commercial projects. The good news is that apart from the money, you will also get the benefit of their mentoring services and use their MSC status shared lab facilities.

Take note that ONLY INDIVIDUALS are eligible to apply. You can’t apply under a business name. In other words, you’re not eligible apply this fund if your business already has an established Sdn Bhd company name. You may read more information about this on their website.

2. Cradle Investment Programme

This programme offers MYR$50,000 of fund that you may use for the development of your project’s prototype, proof of concept or business plan. Same like the pre-seed programme above, this fund is also only for individuals, not companies. Their focus is to give entrepreneurs a headstart in realizing their unique ideas (sounds a lot like you?). You can make application online. Visit their website for more thorough and detailed explanation on this fund.

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